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When it comes to finding high-quality bamboo flooring, Los Angeles homeowners and business owners often turn to EcoFusion. Why do they do that? What is it about our flooring that makes us so popular? Here are a few answers to that important question.

It is no secret that California residents love to help protect the planet. Buying bamboo flooring, Los Angeles, is one of the best ways to get beautiful, exciting new floors without destroying older, hardwood trees such as oak, walnut, and maple species. Bamboo, on the other hand, is a grass that grows fast, on its own without the need for replanting.

The bamboo flooring Los Angeles has available from our company is also incredibly durable. In fact, the strand bamboo flooring we offer is two-times as hard as oak flooring. Strand bamboo flooring is manufactured by compressing bamboo fibers extreme pressure to form a log from which the flooring is milled.

For those wondering if the installation of bamboo flooring will be more expensive than traditional hardwood flooring, the answer is no. In fact, installing bamboo floors uses the same techniques that are used in other types of wood floors. These floors can be nailed down, glued down, or installed as floating floors. Any professional hardwood installer will know precisely how to expertly install bamboo floors.

We have a lot more information about these incredible flooring systems on our website. This includes information on how you can find the best bamboo flooring Los Angeles has available on the market, and if you are a flooring retailer, we also have information on how to contact us to bring EcoFusion bamboo flooring into your store.

If you have felt that home prices in the Seattle area have gone through the roof lately, you are not alone. New research is showing that in some local areas, home prices have gone up by more than 50 percent. On the surface, this may look like good news, especially for those who are selling homes. But, this may not be case, as many otherwise qualified home buyers are not able to buy these higher priced homes. We learned of this in a recent news story:

“The story of the Seattle housing market has become uncomfortably familiar to anyone looking to buy a home. Prices continue to climb while supply continues to fall, and the question for some has turned into more of a desperate plea: When will home buyers start to see some relief? If the past 10 years of home sales data from the Northwest Multiple Listing Service are any indication, relief may never come.”

Source: <a href=”http://www.seattlepi.com/realestate/article/How-much-home-prices-have-increased-in-your-9217877.php“>How much home prices have increased in your Seattle neighborhood</a> by Kirsten O’Brien. 

What this may mean to many current homeowners is that they may have to remain in their homes for the time being, even if they want to move into another home by selling their current home. Many of those who find themselves in this conundrum will invest in their current home, and many will do that by having strand woven bamboo flooring installed.

So, why would they do that? What is so special about strand woven bamboo flooring by EcoFusion? And, what benefits does it have for you specifically? Here are a couple answers to those questions.

For starters, strand woven bamboo flooring is beautiful and tough. It looks like high-grade hardwood flooring, but is made from renewable materials, making it one of the most eco-friendly flooring systems on the market today. For all those who want to do their part to protect the Earth, this is the flooring to look at first.

Secondly, the strand woven bamboo flooring offered by EcoFusion is really no more expensive than traditional hardwood flooring. In some cases, it is even less expensive.

If you would like to know more about where you can find EcoFusion flooring in Seattle, or if you own a retail flooring store and would like to carry our strand woven bamboo flooring, visit our website where you can find contact information and the answers to any of your questions.

When it comes to bamboo flooring, Seattle homeowners and business owners often have questions. The name itself, bamboo flooring, brings about thoughts of exotic landscapes and lush forests. But, as a flooring product, bamboo products are much more than what we might think they are, especially those flooring systems manufactured by EcoFusion. Here are three important facts about bamboo floors that might interest you if you are in the market for new flooring for your home or business.
Price: This is often one of the first questions consumers have about bamboo floors. Many believe that these flooring systems will be so expensive that they will not be able to afford them. The truth is that the best bamboo flooring Seattle residents can bring into their homes costs about what you would pay for a similar quality traditional hardwood flooring system. As with all types of flooring, however, consumers should avoid buying the so-called “super cheap” bamboo floors, as these are often constructed of inferior materials. Like everything else, you get what you pay for.

Durability: Be aware that not all bamboo flooring Seattle residents have available to them is the same. You want a quality flooring system, as these are constructed to be extremely durable, and will last for decades if cared for properly. Many of the products that we have available at EcoFusion are as hard and durable as red oak flooring. Strand woven bamboo is manufactured to be even harder than that!

Style: The bamboo flooring Seattle has available from our company is modern and trendy. It has all of the distinction of traditional hardwood flooring, but is also unique in appearance, making it a truly special flooring system. Like traditional hardwood floors, bamboo floors are available in variety of color tones, from light to dark. This makes it the perfect option for any room in a home or business.

If you are looking for bamboo flooring for your home or office in Seattle, check out EcoFusion and find a retailer near you. And,  if you own a flooring retail outlet and would like to carry our great line of eco-friendly flooring products, see our site for contact details. When it comes to high-quality bamboo flooring, Seattle comes to EcoFusion.

​Los Angeles is often known for its creative residents, many of whom have a truly independent spirit. One such family of creative people just had their home renovated and extended. The end result looks like something that could have come out of a futuristic movie set. Here is a bit of the story that we read, and a link to a pic of the new home.

“The clients for this house renovation / extension, a couple with three daughters, are a creative, democratic unit. The father directs film trailers, the mother is a graphic designer and illustrator, while the high school / middle school / elementary school aged daughters are all immersed in their own versions of their parents visual cultures. The family have asked that 1,000 sf be added to the site in addition to the existing 1,000 sf house.”

Source: <a href=”http://www.caandesign.com/modern-renovation-1000-square-foot-extension-home-los-angeles/“>Modern renovation and 1,000 square foot extension of a home in Los Angeles – CAANdesign</a> by staff.

Sarsaparilla Strandwoven Bamboo

One of the easiest ways to bring modern aesthetic into your own home is to install bamboo flooring. There are many benefits to this type of flooring, many of which average consumers do not know about. 

One of the benefits that homeowners love about bamboo flooring, is that this is one of the most eco-friendly flooring systems in the world. The flooring is made from natural vegetation that easily renews itself. 

The use of renewable, natural materials has become important to many consumers these days. It can be said that as more people become aware of safe, eco-friendly products, they’ll be buying those products more often. This is true with flooring as well. 
Another benefit of bamboo flooring is that it can look very much like hardwood flooring, without having to cut down any trees. And one last benefit is that these flooring systems are very easy to clean and maintain. Generally, homeowners only need to sweep or vacuum to remove debris. They can be damped mopped as well.

If you are looking for high-quality bamboo flooring, visit with EcoFusion and see the many flooring systems we have available for you, as well as where you can find these products in your area. Also, if you own a retail flooring store and would like to carry the best in modern bamboo flooring, see our site for full contact details.

Many homeowners and business owners in the US want to help the environment in as many ways as possible and installing strand woven bamboo flooring is one of the best ways to do that. At EcoFusion, we produce some of the finest flooring on the market today, and we would like to share a few facts about our strand woven bamboo flooring.

To start with, every EcoFusion bamboo product we produce qualifies for LEED credits. LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design under the Green Building Rating System. This system is the benchmark for environmentally-friendly products in the United States.

All of our bamboo products, including our strand woven bamboo flooring, is made from Moso bamboo. This type of bamboo is considered a rapidly renewable resource under the LEED standards.

Our flooring products are manufactured so that they emit very low levels of materials. Most other types of flooring cannot say this. We manufacture our flooring adhesives that do NOT contain VOCs or added urea-formaldehyde. 

While our strand woven bamboo flooring is one of our top sellers, our EcoFusion strand wood Eucalyptus flooring is also very popular. This flooring also qualifies for LEED credits, and exceeds emissions standards just like our strand woven bamboo flooring. In fact, all of our EcoFusion Flooring products exceed indoor air quality standards (CARB2012 and E1 thresholds).

We understand that while you want environmentally friendly flooring, you also want beauty and durability. When you browse our online catalog of flooring, we are sure you will be impressed with the elegance and beauty of the flooring that we produce. Our flooring systems can stand up to any manufacturer of high-quality flooring in terms of visual appeal and long-life.

If you are looking for strand woven bamboo flooring for your home or office, check out our dealer locator on the site. And, if you wish to add our great line of stand woven bamboo flooring in your retail flooring store, check out our site for contact information.