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When it comes to finding the best bamboo flooring, Los Angeles homeowners have been turning to EcoFusion. This popularity is not an accident. We offer homeowners and business owners the very best in bamboo flooring in Los Angeles, and we would like to share a few of the reasons why so many consumers come to us for their new floors.

We understand that many homeowners and business owners want to do their part in helping our environment. One of the best ways to do that when it is time to buy new flooring, is to buy bamboo floors. As you may know, bamboo is a fast-growing grass that is easily renewed. You cannot say that about traditional hardwood floors which destroy old-growth trees that can take decades to re-grow. When you purchase our high-quality flooring, you are doing your part to save and protect entire forests.

What some may not know about our environmentally friendly flooring is that it looks just like traditional hardwood flooring. Because of the unique process we use to produce our flooring planks, it can be nearly impossible to tell the difference between our floors and traditional wood floors. There are differences, of course, and one of the more important is that our flooring systems are much harder than what you find with traditional woods. This means that your flooring will last much longer than common wood floors.

Knowing all of this, you may think that our flooring costs a lot more than traditional hardwood floors. Not true. In fact, the bamboo flooring Los Angeles can purchase from EcoFusion is priced at about the same amount that you would pay for other types of wood flooring. 

With all of these benefits, and prices that are in-line with other flooring, why not look into our flooring today? If you visit our site, you will find an easy-to-use locator that will show you the nearest dealer in your area that carries our incredible flooring systems. And if you own a retail outlet, and would like to carry our flooring systems, you will find contact information on the site as well.

Find out for yourself why when it comes to high-quality, affordable bamboo flooring, Los Angeles turns to EcoFusion.

The Pacific Tower building has been around for a long time. It is one of Seattle’s most iconic buildings, actually. The structure has undergone many changes over the years, and those continue to this day. If you are not familiar with the history of the Pacific Tower, a recent story detailed some of it.

“Originally opened in 1933 as a Marine Hospital Service facility, the Carl Gould-designed building that would come to be known as Pacific Tower has been one of Seattle’s most iconic structures over the years, not to mention home to some of the region’s top companies. Once its days as a health facility were done, additions by architects Zimmer Gunsul Frasca helped them keep the building fresh and innovating.”

Source: www.seattle.curbed.com

Renovations are nothing new to Seattle homeowners and business owners. One of the more exciting and new improvement options is strand woven bamboo flooring. This remarkable flooring is perfect for those living in Seattle and it offers a wealth of benefits. Here are a few of those benefits:

To begin with, strand woven bamboo flooring is made of eco-friendly materials; namely, bamboo. As you may know, bamboo is a self-renewing grass. At EcoFusion, we have developed one of the most, if not the most, environmentally safe manufacturing processes. Our line of bamboo flooring truly competes with traditional hardwood flooring in all ways possible, with the exception that we do not cut down forests of old-growth trees to make our products.

A second benefit is that strand woven bamboo flooring is incredibly hard. This gives this flooring system a very long life span. While it looks like traditional hardwood flooring in many ways, it offers homeowners and business owners decades of reliable use. And, yes, it can be refinished when needed.

Third, while strand woven bamboo flooring offers many benefits you cannot find with traditional hardwood floors, the cost of our flooring systems is on par with regular wood flooring. For about the same price as hardwood, you can have one of the most environmentally friendly, beautiful, and long-lasting flooring systems in existence today.

We encourage you to visit our EcoFusion website. Here you can find local retailers who carry our products, and if you own a retail flooring outlet, our site can provide information on how you can add our strand woven bamboo flooring to your inventory.

Did you know that when it comes to finding the best in bamboo flooring, Seattle homeowners have been turning to EcoFusion, and its line of quality flooring. There are some good reasons for this, and we think many of you would enjoy knowing more about them. So, here we go.

The main goal behind EcoFusion is providing consumers with flooring options that are both very durable and eco-friendly. We have been able to achieve this goal by making bamboo flooring systems in such a way that we are in control of the entire process. From raw material sourcing to completing the production of the flooring, we control each step, and that allows us to provide consumers with some of the best bamboo flooring Seattle homeowners will find on the market today. 

Our bamboo flooring begins by shredding bamboo stalks into strands. We dry these strands and then form them into blocks. We never add harmful VOC’s, nor do we use any type of urea-formaldehyde. These blocks are then dried again and are finally milled into our famous flooring planks. These quality planks are suitable for use in all climates within the US. There is, of course, more to know about our processing, and you can read about this on our website. 

Our website is also where you will find your local retailer for EcoFusion bamboo flooring. Seattle has long been interested in purchasing products that are eco-friendly, and now you have outlets that carry our high-quality flooring. The website is also the place for retailers to visit, if they wish to add our flooring systems to their inventory.

One important thing to know about our flooring is that it is beautiful. There is simply no other way of putting it. When you visit our site, take a few moments to check out the many options you have available. We are confident that you will be amazed at just how elegant and impressive our flooring systems are to the eye. When you have our flooring installed in your home, you will be thrilled with how it looks and feels.

Visit our site today, and learn why when it comes to high-quality bamboo flooring, Seattle is now turning to EcoFusion.

A story came out recently that will please both classic film buffs and those who love the architectural beauty of old Hollywood homes. The home in question was built back in 1928 for the star of the classic movie, Ben Hur, Ramon Novarro. The home reminds one of that romantic time when Hollywood stars built lavish houses on hilly properties that were stunning, then and now. This home has four levels, a pergola, swimming pool, music room and a variety of terraces. It was designed by the son of Frank Lloyd Wright, Lloyd Wright, and its past owners include Diane Keaton and Christina Ricci. New renovations are now taking place, you may like to read about them. Here is a portion of that story.

“When Justin Krzyston of Los Angeles–based Stonehurst Construction took on the renovation of Lloyd Wright’s (architect son of Frank Lloyd Wright) Samuel-Novarro House, the stakes were especially high. “This was one of the most challenging projects I have worked on due to its being a historic cultural monument and to the old age of many of the original finishes and fixtures,” says Krzyston.”

Source: www.architecturaldigest.com

​At EcoFusion, we understand that renovating a home can be both exciting and challenging. This can be especially true when it comes to deciding on a new flooring material. There are certainly many on the market today, and one of the very best is strand woven bamboo flooring. Why do we say this?

There are many benefits to strand woven bamboo flooring that those living in and around Los Angeles will appreciate. For starters, this is a very eco-friendly material, made from an easily renewable source, bamboo. For ages, bamboo has been used for a variety of purposes, one being flooring. This grass grows with ease and when it is processed with care, as we do at EcoFusion, it can be processed into a very beautiful wood flooring system. 

Strand woven bamboo flooring is one of the hardest flooring materials on the market. It will last for decades, with minimal maintenance required. It is available in a wide variety of color tones, making it one of the easiest flooring systems to fit décor needs for all types of spaces. And, it is really no more expensive than traditional hardwood flooring.

There is much more to learn about these flooring systems, and we encourage you to visit our website where you can find information on bamboo flooring, as well as find a local retailer who carries the EcoFusion brand. Retail outlets can also find information on how to bring our remarkable strand woven bamboo flooring into their stores.

When looking for high-quality bamboo flooring, Los Angeles homeowners can visit with EcoFusion to find some of finest flooring systems on the market today. It is no secret that more and more people are demanding eco-friendly flooring. Many consumers will simply no longer buy traditional hardwoods, as this practice is known to bring down entire forests of old growth trees. One issue with buying eco-friendly flooring is finding high-quality products. This problem is now solved when you purchase EcoFusion bamboo flooring.

Los Angeles has long been known for its consumers who care about the environment and are prepared to actually take steps to help the planet. However, as with many things in life, it often easier said than done when earth-friendly products are not readily available. Bamboo flooring is a great way to get a fantastic looking flooring system, at affordable prices, that will last for decades. As you may already know, bamboo is a grass that readily re-grows itself. When processed correctly, bamboo can become as hard as any traditional wood species, making it long-lasting as a flooring system. In addition, the bamboo flooring Los Angeles homeowners have access to through EcoFusion, is every bit as beautiful and elegant as traditional hardwoods.

In the past, it could be difficult finding flooring retailers who had bamboo in their inventory of flooring systems. Now, however, you can visit the EcoFusion dealer locator and with just a few clicks, get all the information that you need to find a local retailer who carries our line of flooring. We have worked very hard to make it easy for you to enjoy one of the best flooring systems on the market today.

When you see your new flooring, you will understand why we are so excited about these products. You can experience the deep, warm sophistication of wood flooring without the guilt. Our top-quality flooring is also affordable, costing no more than you would pay for most other wood flooring.

In addition, if you are flooring retailer and you would like to carry our great line of bamboo flooring, visit our site where you will find all the information that you need to get in touch with us. We are very confident that you will find that our flooring system actually sells itself.

So, if for the best bamboo flooring Los Angeles can get, visit EcoFusion!