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Bamboo flooring from Eco Fusion

Rugs are a great asset in the home for a variety of reasons. They can add depth in design and color, create a warm, comfortable spot for child’s play, and protect your floors from everyday wear. What’s more, you can choose ready-made rugs or have your rugs custom made specifically for your Strand Woven Bamboo flooring. Just check out what we read in a recent article regarding this topic:

“The best rugs for bamboo flooring are designed to not interact with the floor materials. They should be scratch-resistant and colorfast. A rug can keep sunlight from damaging bamboo flooring. Look for non-slip rugs, as well as UV and water-resistant. This will keep the bamboo flooring from getting damaged over time and keep it in its best condition.”

Source: Kimberly McGee, Hunker

Strand Woven Bamboo works well with rugs

You’ll find amazing colors and formats in this particular floor covering, including everything from the lightest light to ebony black. It’s not hard at all to find a color that matches your décor perfectly. However, if you choose an utterly neutral floor color, it’s no longer the focal point of your space.

A neutral floor will allow you plenty of options in spicing up your interior design scheme, and yes, your area rugs as well. You can choose one large rug to create a focal point that draws the eyes of your guests, or scatter a few here and there for more practical purposes or warmth.

Area rugs are perfect in the busiest areas of your home, as they work to trap and hold dirt and debris that could otherwise scratch or mar your bamboo. You can either vacuum these rugs or take them out and shake them off once a day, to make sure your bamboo is never harmed and looks great for years ahead.

Remember that Strand Woven Bamboo offers a green flooring option, with absolutely no harmful VOCs or urea-formaldehyde. With a unique construction, they are also known to be a rapidly renewable resource. Made from 100% Moso bamboo, these floors are everything you need from a floor covering.

If you’re interested in seeing these floors for yourself, be sure to contact your San Francisco flooring retailer and ask about EcoFusion products.

Dining room with beautiful burgundy walls and bamboo flooringMuch like solid hardwood flooring, bamboo flooring makes it possible to install not just a floor covering, but sheer classic elegance that will last for years. It often remains current, even when flooring trends change, meaning you’ll get more out of these floors, long after they’re installed. But what might surprise you even more is the outstanding benefits that come along with it. Just look at the following snippet we took from a blog article we recently found.

“Bamboo floors are warm and invite. They can add a touch of class and refinement to just about any room. Unlike many aspects of interior design, bamboo floors are neither a trend nor [SIC] a fad, making them a timeless addition. You can install them in your home, safe with the knowledge that they’ll look just as good ten years from now.”

Source: iSustainableEarth

True beauty from Strand Woven Bamboo flooring

In this floor covering, you’ll find everything you need to complement your décor and interior design. If you need to match a specific color, we likely have just the shade for you. Consider colors such as Autumn Fog, Coffee Bean, Leather, Mineral Gray, or a host of other options that will be perfect for a variety of rooms. You can also choose from a variety of formats that will also work to your benefit.

If you’re an eco-conscious consumer, you’re in the right place. This product is considered a rapidly renewable resource, contains no harmful VOCs or urea-formaldehyde, and can be recycled when it has served its purpose as your floor covering. It’s great to know you’ll not only be able to breathe easier, with no chance of harmful off gassing but that you’ll also be doing your part with an earth-friendly product.

What’s more, you can still find comfort in knowing this is one of the most durable floor coverings available. To find out more about Strand Woven Bamboo by EcoFusion, contact your local Denver flooring retailer and ask about our products today.



Bamboo Flooring from Eco FusionIf you’re ready to design a fabulous space, you can start with Strand Woven Bamboo flooring. Offering a wealth of benefits, some of which you might not even be aware of, they’re the perfect floors for a variety of reasons. From a great selection of colors, formats, and features to a great eco-friendly building product, you’re sure to love everything you get from these floors. Take a look at a snippet from a recent blog article on the topic.

“From a realistic look to a dynamic design … everything depends on what you can dream up! Bamboo flooring has its pros and cons but when complimenting a design, it has no limit. Bamboo flooring can resemble practically any hardwood species you can think up, as well as mimic the style of flooring treatment you may desire.”

Source: Simple Floor

Strand Woven Bamboo, from one benefit to the next

It all starts with an amazing appearance that can much extensive décor options. EcoFusion offers many hue variations, from the lightest blonde to the darkest ebony. There’s no limit to your design opportunities, as we see from the quote above, and it’s true. What you find here will be an excellent addition to many rooms, no matter the interior design scheme.

Even if you’d like to do something different in every room, choose a different, complementary, color- and you can have just that. Or, go wall to wall throughout your entire home with an outstanding continuity that rivals many other options.

Along with great style and beauty, we believe a product that caters to your family’s health is just as important. These floors include no harmful VOCs or urea-formaldehyde, and they are created in such a way that they are considered a rapidly renewable resource. Eco-friendly and health-conscious, these floors are likely to be an excellent choice for your own home.

To find out more about Strand Woven Bamboo by EcoFusion, be sure to contact your local Seattle flooring retailer and ask about our products. You might be amazed at the results!

If you’re looking for a great flooring option that’s also stylish and trendy, Strand Woven Bamboo is a great option this year. Not only does it give you a wealth of options for stunning appearances in almost every room, but it performs well under pressure as well. And all without any harmful additives that could make your family sick.Bamboo Flooring from Eco Fusion

Take a look at what we found in a recent article on a website called Dig This Design:

“Without a top-tier floor, every home looks cheap. If you’re looking to invest in your property, consider bamboo floors – one of the best choices nowadays. Find a reliable bamboo flooring manufacturer, choose one of the multiple designs and colors, and make your home as stylish as ever.”

Source: Susan Daniels, Dig This Design

Your best home design, today

Choosing bamboo floors for your home could give it that luxury appeal you’ve always wanted. You’ll find extensive color options, a variety of formats, and plenty of installation methods that will give you the most appealing look for your home and requirements.

In rooms where your family congregates the most, you can place designs that are homey and welcoming, yet artfully elegant at the same time. You truly don’t have to sacrifice a thing in appearances when you choose this floor covering today.

What’s more, these floors have extensive benefits that make it a great fit any many homes, especially if you prefer a stylish, yet eco-friendly, floor covering. For instance, EcoFusion creates Strand Woven Bamboo in a manner that allows it to remain a rapidly renewable resource yet stands as one of the most stable floor coverings on the market today.

You can also appreciate the fact that this material has no urea formaldehyde or harmful VOCs that could cause off-gassing or create a toxic atmosphere in which to breathe. That makes it perfect for homes where health is of the utmost importance.

For more information on how to up your design game with EcoFusion and Strand Woven Bamboo, be sure to visit your local Portland flooring retailer and ask about our products. You’ll be glad you did!

EKitchen and family room with bamboo flooringven just a touch of Strand Woven Bamboo flooring can make a huge difference in the appearance of your home. With extensive color varieties, finish types, and formats, you’ll easily meet all your décor and interior design needs with flooring that will even sail through changes in flooring trends for many years to come.

We recently read an article that speaks a bit about how amazing bamboo flooring can be, for any home:

“Whether you’re looking to improve the appearance of one room in your house or hoping to install a durable eco-friendly option through your home, bamboo floors combine the resilience of hardwood flooring with the easy maintenance of laminate….Bamboo floors are currently very trendy in the interior design industry. They provide a sense of luxury to any living or corporate space and have an alluring appearance similar to that of hardwood flooring.”

Source: Blake Hughes, Freshome

Why choose anything else for your spaces?

There’s no reason to look any further than Strand Woven Bamboo by EcoFusion, for all the spaces in your home that need flooring. The classy elegance that comes as a standard characteristic of these floors means you’ll always be current and in style.

Choose from a variety of fashionable colors, from the lightest blondes and creams to dark browns and blacks that will not only match your décor but can also be used to create the perfect mood in specific areas. You’ll love what a simple change of color can do for your surroundings, especially when used in more than one space.

At the same time, you’ll be choosing an eco-friendly product that is classified as a 100% rapidly renewable resource, thanks to our dynamic and proprietary construction. It has no urea formaldehyde or harmful VOCs, so you and your family can breathe easier knowing these floors will never off-gas any harmful fumes.

If you’d like to experience these floors for yourself, be sure to contact your local San Francisco flooring retailer to find out more about Strand Woven Bamboo by EcoFusion today!